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Remembering the "T" in LGBT

I thought some of you might find this article infuriating interesting....

GLBTQ Faculty Staff Orgs?

Hi all... I am now the secretary of my university's GLBTQ faculty and staff organization.  We realized we don't have a mission/vision statement or goals.  So we're coming up with some.  I will be searching for other organizations at other universities.  If you are a part of one or know of one, please let me know so that we can swap ideas (i.e. so that I can steal borrow your ideas).  Peace


Hello... I am a director of a GLBT Center at a mid-size university in the Southwest. I am in the process of writing a proposal (due tomorrow) and thought I had printed out an extremely important article. If anyone has a .pdf file, I'd sure appreciate it. The article information is below.

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Students: Risk, Resiliency, and Retention

Authors: Sanlo, Ronni

Source: Journal of College Student Retention Research Theory and Practice, v6 n1 p97-110 2004-2005

Thanks again! I look forward to sharing and posting on this community... I didn't even know it existed until a few moments ago!

Nov. 28th, 2007

Conservative Groups Sue California Over LGBT Schools Law
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: November 28, 2007 - 11:00 am ET

(San Diego, California) Two conservative Christian groups have asked a federal judge to overturn a California law prohibiting discrimination against gays and transgendered students.

The Student Civil Rights Act would protect students from harassment and bullying in public schools by making sure teachers and school administrators fully understand their responsibilities to protect youth.

In a lawsuit filed in San Diego, Advocates for Faith and Freedom and the Alliance Defense Fund claim portions of the legislation - particularly those covering "gender identity" - are unconstitutionally vague and violate student privacy.

The suit was filed on behalf of several teachers and one student.

It claims that teachers and school administrators would be forced to determine whether a student perceives him or herself to be male or female and could lead to problems in school washrooms and gym changing rooms.

The author of the legislation, state Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica) calls the lawsuit frivolous. Kuehl said the bill did not change existing California law, only made it clearer so that school districts would have less trouble adhering to it.

A law banning LGBT discrimination in schools has been on the books in California since 1999, said Kuehl, who is one of several gay members of the California legislature.

"There's no change in the law; it was always the same. All of these truly silly claims that they make about what could happen could have been happening over the last eight years and never did," Kuehl told the Associated Press. 

"I think they know they don't have a case. I think it's purely a fundraising mechanism for them.".

The legislation was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in October and is slated to take effect in January.

But that could be delayed by another move by opponents of the bill who have begun a drive to force the issue onto the ballot in 2008. If they collect enough signatures to qualify the measure would be held back until after the November election.

"It is ironic that organizations that claim to support families are working to overturn a law that will protect students and help keep them in school," said Equality California Executive Director Geoff Kors.

News Tidbit

Andrew Gomez, who is in the process of transitioning (FTM), was elected homecoming king at Pasadena City College this month, but had to fight for his crown. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported that Gomez was originally declared ineligible by the organizing committee, but the election stood after students protested that denying the title to Gomez would have amounted to discrimination.

See a video clip of a short interview with Andrew here.

Job searching and cover letters

Hey all,

I had a couple of questions about job searching that I was wondering if folks in these communities would be able to help with:

1. Do folks know of a good online resource to help with cover letters, particularly offering basic tips and samples that would fit well in the student affairs field?

2. I graduated from my program in 2006, but had to relocate outside of the States for 2 years and have been somewhere where saying that student affairs positions are limited would be euphemistic. I've been employed in other positions (Personal Assistant and Book-Keeper), but don't know if I should include these in my resume now. They're not relevant in any way, but on the other hand my resume would be empty from 2005-06 on. Thought I'd check in here to see what sort of advice people would give me.

Thanks everyone.

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Follow up...

And as a follow up to the News Roundup post, read the comments to the online article about the U of Arizona hiring its first LGBTQ Director.

On second thought, don't read it unless you're prepared to be really pissed off and amazed at so many people's ignorance and hateful attitude.

From the Chronicle of Higher Ed

August 6, 2007

Why Aren't There More Gay Presidents?

An article by Paul Fain in this week’s Chronicle looks at why, when there’s no shortage of gay and lesbian academics in academe, openly gay university presidents are still a rarity. Fain notes that Sean T. Buffington’s appointment as president of the University of the Arts last week brings the total number of openly gay university presidents up to only three — all of them at private universities. (The other two are Charles R. Middleton, president of Roosevelt University, in Chicago, Ill., and Ralph J. Hexter, president of Hampshire College, in Amherst, Mass.)

The reason? College governing boards are reluctant to consider presidential candidates with nontraditional lifestyles — particularly at public universities where presidents face extra scrutiny from state politicians — because they fear it might alienate some constituents and hurt the institution’s ability to raise money, he writes. It also doesn’t help that boards are typically made up of older white males (see a recent Chronicle study), who are more likely to be uncomfortable with a gay leader, Fain writes:

College presidents must mingle with everyone from 18-year-old freshmen to 80-year-old athletics boosters. Few presidential job skills are as important as wooing prospective donors and, for public-college presidents, state lawmakers. If trustees and search committees are skittish about hiring gay presidents, experts say, those are the two groups that give them pause.

The pressure to keep so many constituencies happy is enormous, says Anne J. Duffield, a founder of the Presidential Practice, a consulting firm in Philadelphia that grooms presidents. As a result, boards often make the safe choice in choosing a president.

“They’re not going to take any risks,” Ms. Duffield says.

Sad, but true.

(Addendum: Fain says he hedged a bit by counting only “university” presidents. The new and improved list of openly gay college and university presidents is now up to eight.)

smells like school spirit...

this is my first post to this community.  just wanted to vent about work...

so, lately at work i've been feeling very unappreciated and not encouraged whatsoever.  leadership in my office has faltered drastically since my former boss left for another university.  i still love my job.  i love what i do.  i love the students with whom i work.  however, i used to love getting up in the mornings just to go to work.  over the past 9-12 months, i have started to dread getting up in the mornings.  i'm sure part of it is due to having jenny next to me now.... leading me to want to stay in bed and cuddle.  but i really want to have that feeling back, that longing to go to work b/c it's fun!  b/c it's exciting!  

i thought i was getting a wiff of that fun and excitement again last week.  over the past year i've been lobbying for a mentoring program on campus, and now it's finally coming to fruition!  we are starting a mentoring program for this fall!  that's great!  that's exciting!  yet....  here's the tricky part.  i am now officially the contact person for this program, and i already have a full plate with my territory to manage.  i am the counselor who travels the most in my office.  yet here i am, about to embark on this mission of mentoring, and now i'm scared.  i'm scared i won't have enough time in the day to keep up with the program and my territory.  not only this, but no one has mentioned any compensation for the additional responsibility.  that may come later on, but as for now, there's only so much time in the day.  i'm just nervous.  afraid of failure.  

on the lighter side...  i'm having a blast living with jenny!  we still have some stuff to put away and find storage for.  but other than that, things couldn't be better!  we're enjoying the late summer here in houston... swimming, watching baseball, having a beer after work.  it's great.  i couldn't be more happy with her.