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Yes, we still need Title IX

I teach high school chemistry and college physics. I have hall duty during sixth period lunch at the HS. If you ever wondered if we still need to give girls positive role models, listen.

During hall duty I stumbled on a pair of girls doing a poster assignment in the hallway for social studies. The title of the poster in big, red letters was "The Women's Bill of Rights." Here is what it said, in part, I couldn't read the rest because I was terribly upset.

1. We have the right to be babymakers.
2. We have the right to be cute.
3. We have the right to shop.
4. We have the right to be dramatic.
5. We have the right to be controlling in relationships.

I hoped it was sarcasm, but as I listened to them work, I realized that they were deadly serious. And I thought about all the little battles I had to fight in the '70's to get to be included in anything! How I was the only girl in AP Biology. How I corrected the teacher for calling the Academic Bowl team a "Four Man Team" because it made it sound like girls weren't allowed.

It's disheartening to see the lost ground.


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Feb. 3rd, 2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
Oy. These young ones need to step away from The Rules and realize there are myriad ways to be a girl/woman...

I don't know how i escaped thinking like that, but every day I'm glad. :) I didn't really have a ton of particularly strong feminist role models-- thank G-d I just ended up hard-wired to not want to be a doormat.
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